About our college

Isaeva  Elena  Nikolaevna


Priozerskiy  Polytechnic  College.

The School-leaver, welcome to our college!

Priozerskyi  Polytechnic  College  was  founded  in  1945  year. Before  it  called  vocational-technical  school.

Studying  at  our  college  gives  a  solid  background  in  all  spheres  of  knowledge  and  prepares  for  practical  work.

The  course  of  study  in  our  college  lasts  for two  ore  four  years. The  academic  year  is  divided  into  two  terms. At  the  end  of  each  term  students  pass  the  examinations.

We  prepare:

·                Technician  of  woodworking

·                Specialists- automation  of  technology  processes  and  manufactures

·                Welders

·                Fitters

·                Electrician

·                Cooks.Confectionere.

·                Specialists  for  lawyer  work

We  help  a  person  to  choose  a  profession, to  be  active, useful  citizens  of  our  country.

We  help  to  be  able  to  work  well  in  that  profession.

We  help  to  learn  how  to  work  together  with  other  people, to  teach  how  to  be  active  in  life.

It  has  become  a  tradition  to  invite  in  our  college.

Who  likes  studying?  We  wait  you !

After  9  or  11  years  of  schooling  children  can  enter and  study in  our  college.

Welcome to our college!

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